Sholas Medical Consulting

At Sholas Medical Consulting we solve operational challenges for individual practitioners, hospitals, and healthcare agencies. With over fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience, our principal, Dr. Maurice Sholas is an expert on children with special health care needs.

  • Consultant for non-governmental and private agencies that seek to build inpatient hospital beds designated for acute rehabilitation services. Also, we establish special needs daycare service for children.
  • Operational consultant for academic and non-academic hospital systems seeking to create or optimize physician resources, therapy, medication, and treatment services provided for children or adults with disabilities. Specific knowledge of revenue cycle, billing/coding compliance, and ICD-10 CM transition.
  • Recognized subject matter expert in acquired and congenital disabilities in children for plaintiff and defense cases with 4-6 cases per year.
  • Over a decade of criminal and civil court and arbitration experience as a treating physician and subject matter expert in Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Georgia.
  • Provided life care planning consultation for children with significant disability.

Full-service medical-legal review, administrative consulting, strategic insight and operational planning to legal firms and organizations of all sizes.

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