Nneka Sederstrom, PhD, Director of Ethics, Children’s Minnesota

“Dr. Sholas is not only an expert in his field, he is also a brilliant innovator who is able to take on new areas with ease. I have been delighted to have him join me in presenting and researching ways to improve the ethical climate of medicine. He is capable and consistent which are not qualities easily found.”


Brandon Darrington, MPH, MHA, CAPM, Director of Clinical Operations, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

“Maurice’s dedication to excellence in delivering world-class care is only surpassed by the energy and vibrance in its pursuit.  He is insightful, thoughtful, and cognizant of the fact that healthcare is evolving and must continue to evolve to truly meet the needs of any community. His conviction to uplift his peers and colleagues ensures that his contributions will have a legacy beyond his working years.”

Cindy Jarosch, PT, Physical Therapist, PM&R, Children’s Minnesota

“I have learned much, stretched myself and gotten a boost from having you here. I appreciate your work, your honesty and your consistent attempts to move us toward honest and frank, compassionate communication with patients and families, within our scope.  I have truly appreciated your perspective in this regard and my opportunities to watch you “walk this talk” in the inpatient arena. I believe that I am a changed and better provider for having observed, listened and worked with you.”

Julie Most, PharmD, MBA, Director of Pharmacy, Children’s Minnesota

“I have greatly appreciated your leadership and service to the P&T Committee. You represented our committee well, with great professionalism.  I wish you the best in your new venture—I greatly respect your commitment to healthcare access and equity for children.  Again, thank you for your service as our P&T chair. “