As the Principal of Sholas Medical Consulting, LLC, Doc Mo Sho works with organization large and small to tackle operational challenges and serve as an Expert Medical-Legal Consultant. 

In this world of complicated and evolving healthcare environments,  the rare combination of an active clinician and experienced administrative leader with fluency in the language of business makes for an invaluable problem solver. 


Doc Mo Sho provides full-service administrative consulting, strategic insight, and operational planning for individuals or organizations that manage, provide, or facilitate services for children or adults with special healthcare needs. 

Services are available virtually or in person, and geography is not a limitation.


Doc Mo Sho has over a decade of criminal/ civil court and arbitration experience as a treating physician and subject matter expert in Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Georgia with 4-6 cases per year.


His Work in Action

Created 1 of only 18 ACGME Accredited Fellowship in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Successfully advised the creation of economically viable special needs daycare for children

Improved revenue cycle by increasing profit and compliance for academic and non-academic hospital systems

Successfully completed a Certificate of Need (CON) process in to authorize hospital beds

Founded Pediatric Physiatry in Louisiana by developing privilege profile for the specialty, creating the master bill documents and creating the professional practice responsibilities

Executive Experience

10/2019 – 6/2020
Anthem, Inc.
Contract Medical Director

Clinical reviewer for member benefit determination to ensure that clients receive medically appropriate and timely equipment and services.  This role required an extensive understanding of National Coverage Determinations, Local Coverage Determinations, and company clinical guidelines.  It served as part of the coverage determination and appeals process for a company serving over 79 million people.

3/2015 – 6/2018
Rehab Services
(Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minneapolis)
Senior Medical Director

This role reports to the Executive Leadership of the system and is responsible for the creation of comprehensive pediatric services for the organization and standardizing rehabilitation allied health services across the system.

1/2008 – 11/2013
Children’s Rehabilitation Associates
(Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta)
Medical & Practice Director

Created one of only 18 ACGME Accredited Fellowship in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine in the United States which required training and competence in communicating effectively with patients, families, and the public across a broad range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

1/2008 - 11/2013
Emory School of Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor

Created educational, procedural and medical instruction for Medical Students, Residents and Fellows.

9/2011 – 11/2013
Morehouse School of Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor

Competitive admissions evaluator.

9/2004 - 12/2007
Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation Section

Recruited by Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans to be the first Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine board certified specialist in the State of Louisiana.  In addition to tenure-track appointments in the Department of Medicine and the Section of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, There were secondary apportionments in the Department of Pediatrics and the School of Allied Health Professionals.

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