The MEDS Legacy Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that works tirelessly to promote access, personal growth, and professional development of minorities interested in improving the health and wellness of their community.  
The Foundation is built on the Legacy of family and the power of cohesion and purpose to provide multigenerational transformation of the lives of those traditionally excluded from power, prosperity and participation.   It is crucial that historically under-represented professionals have the resources to showcase their value, skill and ability to affect change in their family, local, regional and national environment.  
The Foundation targets and supports traditionally disenfranchised minorities aspiring to impact the heath, wellness and worth of their community.  The basis of these interventions center on R.O.L.E. (read, observe, listen and engage) and demonstrate that equity and inclusion are not just convenient slogans, but viable practices that make our world more productive, just and verdant for all.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported emPOWER NOLA project is an example of our mission and vision in action.